Our video surveillance technicians specialize in auto, general liability, workers’ compensation, medical malpractice and disability surveillance case.

Our investigators are not subcontractors but work exclusively for On Track Investigations. They are provided with the best surveillance cameras and gadgets in order for them to obtain footage anywhere in the State of Florida, no matter how dark, crowded or distant the target/environment is. Their video is steady and easy to view.

Reports accurately summarize the surveillance events and include a video stills page for fast reference to critical Subject activity.

On Track investigators are very experienced at testifying in depositions and trials. They will dress and conduct themselves in a professional manner.

Let us get you the footage that you need to properly evaluate your case.


Jon is On Track's Surveillance Case Manager. He is a "C" Licensed Investigator and a Florida Independent All Lines Adjuster. Jon has a Bachelor of Science from Clarion University and has a lifetime of management experience. Jon is the liaison between On Track's clients and the field investigators. He will keep you updated as to the progress of your case.














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